Silversun Pickups & Keyword Reporting

11:17AM – It’s almost lunch time after sitting through, what I think, will be the last session of SEO 101 seminars for other departments.  Next up is keyword reporting. Nothing too exciting, there. Just typical first of the month motions.

Today, to work through the motions with me, is a brand new album from Los Angeles’ very own Silversun Pickups. I’ve been waiting on this one, friends. I’ve just realized that it has been three years since their album Swoon came out. That’s far too long for a band this good.

I have to give Silversun Pickups credit. They had labels promising them anything they wanted after Swoon was hanging on the number eight spot in the Billboard 200 years ago, and they still stayed true to Dangerbird Records. Brian Aubert said “What can they give us? A helicopter ride?” when asked about label interest. I respect it, and listen to the third studio album from them, ‘Neck of the Woods’ for the rest of the day. Cheers, all.


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